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70 years in the gold market #1 Asean Gold Trading Platform

70 Years In The Gold Market #1 Asean Gold Trading Platform

Group Overview

Technology has continuously evolved, and we have adapted the way people can trade with our innovative solutions, in the rapidly changing world that we live in.

We work in a direct capacity with many Global Exchanges, Tier 1 Investment and Bullion Banks to build up volumes on the Derivative and Loco London Spot markets.

We are strongly intertwined in the Global OTC and Derivative Precious, Base and Ferrous Metal markets, and provide much expertise for the global trading community.

With state of the art technology and modernisation of western and eastern technology, We have been able to refine and recycle scrap gold into a highly purified 99.99% Gold.

We specialize in providing a wide range of retail jewelry to our clients and provide both retail and wholesale services who are interested in our jewelry products.

About us

We believe in the continuous
innovation of Gold products and technology and continue to lead with a strong suite of Physical and Financial trading capabilities.

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MTS Gold Group adheres to many international and industry-wide initiatives and collaborates closely with organizations to set the highest codes of conduct for the industry as a whole.

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MTS Gold Group’s trust and integrity are our top priority and are our most valuable and impeccable asset. We’ve gained numerous licenses and awards by building and driving the standardization of precious metals investment sectors.

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